All Aboard John Wayne’s Yacht

OPSY started 3 years ago at a birthday party on John Wayne’s Yacht.  Over snacks in a quiet corner of the converted naval minesweeper ship, a seasoned direct selling consultant was mulling a rather complex problem requiring a help desk solution, and he met the leader of a tech development team with an unusual and uncommon ethos of “user experience first.”


At the time, the client (a fashion apparel company leveraging direct selling in a unique way) was facing the daunting challenge of serving more than 500 new reps joining daily.  The company would continue growing more than $2 billion annual revenues in less than five years. And their tech universe became more and more complex by the hour.


Scouring the tech universe for solutions, all hope quickly faded with these realizations:

  • Applications generally do not play nice together
  • Old technology, though at times familiar and comfortable, isn’t keeping up
  • Specific needs of the company must bend to fit the limited solutions
  • The focus is mainly on the application and not as much about the problem it solves


The genius of marketing directly to consumers through reps (direct selling) is the level playing field.  Combined with influence that people have through their relationships with each other, any technology solution must serve the relationship.


It must never embarrass. It must make them go, “WOW!”.


It must never complicate. It must be simple.


Mostly, it must serve you and your people, not vice versa.


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