“Direct sales” is the umbrella under which we group direct-to-consumer methods and channels.  The defining element is the movement of products directly to customers who are acquired through independent representatives and sellers.  The emerging power of person-to-person marketing is enhanced with technology like never before.

To win with direct sales, unleash the power of entrepreneurs giving them the best methods and tools.

THE rules have changed

Don’t settle for old-fashioned MLM techniques that no longer work. Instead, harness the power of social selling with innovation and experience that you can borrow from us.  Our consulting group is known for award-winning practices built on more than 30 years in direct sales.  Decades with hundreds of companies have revealed the essence of sales by leveraging the power found within the person who understands the difference that $500 monthly can make, or who feels compelled to build career-level income within a more comprehensive social selling framework.

We know the rules, we have written many of them.  We understand all of them.  And we will teach you how to win within the new rules.

The selling systems that drive direct sales

The first of seven systems is customer acquisition.  This is your starting point for any startup, turn-around, or expansion project. One of our favorite customer acquisition systems is driven by (a) virtual parties, and (b) instant payments.  Within this simple system structure exist the automated processes for influencers, affiliates & distributors to reach their entire groups and sell to them instantly with one click in a live streaming video, integrated with Facebook, if you wish.  This is what we mean by a selling system.  And there are a handful that work equally well, depending on the products and services that you sell.

Guidance – Training and Consulting

Our consulting group will train and consult by the day, by the project or even through quick calls, depending on your resources and needs.  For example, you can choose a public startup workshop or arrange a private, more customized workshop to fast-track your learning; you might wish to take a deep dive into compensation plan design, creative services, or software selection.  More extensive support is always available but never pushed.  We are here to service you.

We will help you discover what questions you should be asking, then guide you toward the plan that results in success.   Training or consulting can take place where you are – our specialists excel in the use of web conferencing systems or they can meet live with you either at our offices or yours.

To book a call, click here or contact the head of our consulting group at 208-520-3895.  This is Terrel Transtrum’s personal cell number.  He will answer.